Meg Fenney Podcast

Leading through uncertainty – tips on COVID-19 employee support

Right now, worldwide, business owners are needing to make difficult decisions in order to maintain their financial viability. Whether furloughing staff or having to make long-standing, loyal employees redundant, it has become increasingly important to focus on doing this the ‘right’ way.
Here, Meg and Rebecca talk you through how supporting both the health of the business and the wellbeing of the staff is critical.

Breakfast with Boots and Ali Bell

Lockdown exercise is about more than just building a home gym

Why is it so much harder to exercise as we grow into adults? According to Ali, it all comes back to us forgetting what it is we actually enjoy.
As we get older, we lose the child-like energy we used to have around exercise and sports and that – aside from the general busy-ness of life – is because we start ‘shoulding’ on ourselves.
Here, Ali and Rebecca talk you through how you can start to enjoy exercise again, and boost your mental health along with it.

Suicide is Preventable

World Suicide Prevention Day

What if, instead of messaging a friend on WhatsApp, we reached out and called them? What if when we asked them how they were – we really asked and really listened? And what if when they told us things were bad, we didn’t try to sugarcoat it? What if we didn’t try to soothe and, instead, we just listened?

What will it take for you to change?

Every single minute of the day you have a choice. You can choose what to eat, what to say and how to treat people. But most importantly, you can choose how to respond when things don’t go your way. You are in control of how you respond when life tests your patience, your courage and your resolve.

Action for Happiness

The healing balm of kindness

Next week is my favourite week of the whole year! Yes, next week is Mental Health Awareness week, and the theme chosen for 2020 is Kindness. This special week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, will see people all across the country celebrating the power and potential of kindness.