Rebecca Cheetham, Siendo

“Prevention and early intervention is the cornerstone for a

mentally and physically healthy society.”

I launched Siendo to give people the confidence and knowledge they need to support their own wellbeing, at every stage of their lives.

Training as a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Personal Development Coach and Public Speaker while working in corporate banking gave me a unique perspective. I saw, first hand, the importance of proactive wellbeing support within high-performance environments. I knew this was an area where I could make a real difference; removing the stigma, encouraging conversations, and making wellbeing a priority in people’s lives.

In February 2020 I jumped into Siendo full time, just as the world began to need wellbeing support more than ever.

Qualifications and professional memberships

Associate Certified Coach

“I believe that no matter your background or current circumstances, there are always ways to improve your wellbeing – one small step at a time.”

Rebecca cheetham

Through my experience and training I know that change only happens when people are empowered to make it themselves. That is my one aim with Siendo – to put wellbeing back into the hands of my clients and give them the support they need to thrive.