Image of woman standing at a desk, in front of clothes rails, with the text showing "Workplace Wellbeing: Becoming Gold Standard in Retail."
Becoming Gold Standard in Retail: When Workplace Wellbeing is Done Well.

Having worked across multiple sectors and then closely with various retailers on incredible wellbeing initiatives, it has become increasingly clear that retailers exist in a very unique ecosystem and, as a result, the workplace wellbeing support needs to be tailored to match that uniqueness.

To help you with this challenge, we interviewed two prominent retailers (Barbour & END.) about what they’re doing to support their staff and how they’re navigating the world of retail so that we could provide you with real-time case studies and examples of where workplace wellbeing is being managed wonderfully well.

This paper is an incredible chance to go behind the scenes and learn from industry leaders who are driving positive change within retail.

Throughout the paper, you will see that we offer valuable insights into the challenges faced in retail and then practical recommendations on how employee wellbeing can be navigated, in a way that’s directly applicable to retailers, no matter how, where or what they sell.

Now, we understand your time is valuable and we want this paper to be a wonderful resource for you, therefore we have worked incredibly hard to avoid sharing any abstract advice or guidance that is unrealistic or impractical. At Siendo, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with actionable tips and techniques that can be used, straight-away, to start building a happy, healthy and high-performing workplaces. This paper does exactly that.

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