After spending the year navigating building a business alongside supporting the growth of a toddler, 2023 was very different to the years that came before, and will be very different to the years that follow. As I slowly recovered momentum after maternity leave, 2023 saw the creation of new relationships with some seriously amazing clients, as well as continuing to build upon some beautiful relationships already formed in previous years.

Building a business during a pandemic (and then through having a child) is a seriously hard challenge to navigate but I’ve been determined – from day one – to do it the right way. It might take me slightly longer to build my Siendo Friempire (friendly empire), but building a business for the good of all will always be my number one priority with Siendo.

Plus, the beauty of having such strong values in business means that I naturally attract clients who also genuinely care; about people, about the environment and about having a positive impact upon the world. I feel truly blessed to have the clients that I have and I hope each one of them can feel that their choice to work with me has made the world a brighter place.

Download the full report by clicking on the happy green button below or scroll down the page for a wonderful summary of what we achieved in 2023 and to gain access to our charity webinar recordings. I hope you enjoy reading about our various ‘business for good’ initiatives and also learning how we plan to build on this as we move through 2024 and beyond.

So, my wonderful wellbeing warriors, come and join me in leaving a legacy of positivity and support, and feel comforted that – when we all look back at the end of our lives – we can know that we did it the right way, every step of the way.

With all the warmth in the world,


Not only did Rebecca Reed courageously brave the cold winds after shaving off her curly locks for charity, but our ‘Charities of the Year’ initiative raised a whopping £2732 in donations for BFYC, Ronald McDonald and Feeding Britain through a combination of fundraising events and donating 2% of sales.

334 beautiful trees have been planted in our “Siendo Forest”, across multiple reforestation projects, leading to 0.26 hectares reforested and whopping 50.03 tones of CO2 captured. This has contributed towards the restoration of forests, the creation of jobs and support of local communities, as well as the protection of biodiversity – all around the world.

This year we were able to reach over 500 people through a combination of our customised workplace workshops and our mental health first aid courses, helping to build awareness, knowledge and confidence around effectively navigating personal and workplace wellbeing. The feedback we’ve received has been truly heart-warming.

We provided a wide-range of support options throughout the year, including free, quarterly MHFA drop-in sessions, ongoing support through emails and calls from those seeking MHFAider guidance, free community social events and free monthly meditation sessions to help reduce the continuously rising levels of toxic stress and burnout.