Lucy Nicholls

Lucy had never heard of the Mental Health First Aid course before starting her job as a recruiter at Ultromics. However, once she had discovered this course was available, she was eager to enrol.

Lucy’s desire to help people, as well as her desire to be as prepared as possible to support her colleagues in a fast-paced, high-stress tech industry, were among the many reasons she decided to take the course.

By the end of the four online sessions, Lucy was surprised that the course not only provided her with a wide range of tools to help her to support others, but it also expanded her awareness around her own personal development.

What attracted Lucy to the Mental Health First Aid Course?

Lucy’s drive to become a Mental Health First Aider was fuelled by both her professional and personal situation. The combination of her role supporting people in HR and recruitment, alongside her family experiences with mental ill health, meant that Lucy was incredibly passionate about this topic.

Lucy shares how she was overjoyed to learn this course would enable her to help others as she really wanted to learn how to effectively support her colleagues, as well as her friends and family.

Two years on from the start of the COVID pandemic, as restrictions have started to ease, people have begun returning to the office. This has naturally caused a rise in anxiety as many people have become accustomed to the working from home model.

Lucy was extremely keen to learn how she could assist with this workplace transition, but was nicely surprised when she came away from the course with so much more.

What were your first impressions in terms of how the course was structured and delivered?

Lucy had never met Rebecca prior to enrolling on the course, yet she very quickly found that she felt at ease from the moment she met her.

This meant that, despite the fact that the course was delivered online rather than in-person due to COVID restrictions, the online format did not impact the experience for Lucy whatsoever and she just knew that she would learn a lot from this course.

Were there any ‘aha’ moments that stood out for you during the course?

Back when Lucy had first moved to her current neighbourhood, she used to enjoy taking regular walks around the village. However, as things became increasingly hectic at work, she found that these walks started to drop-off. Following Rebecca’s encouragement to take care of herself throughout the course, this all changed and Lucy found that taking just half-an-hour after each session to go for a walk was invaluable in helping her to decompress and process what she had learnt.

During one of these walks, Lucy shares that she became overcome by so much emotion as she suddenly felt the weight of responsibility that people would now come to her and she would be there to help them.

This moment hit home especially hard due to Lucy’s past experiences around mental ill health in the workplace…

A few years back, Lucy shares, she was really struggling with her mental health, but thankfully a colleague had noticed her, reached out and together they had discussed her support options. As a result, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was able to receive professional help.

While processing this and how things had come full-circle, Lucy realised that she now felt empowered to be that person who saved her life five years ago.

Were there any elements of the syllabus that you found difficult, and if so, how did you overcome them?

Naturally, an important element that comes into play with any training course is not just the quality of the material covered, but how it is delivered. Lucy explains how Rebecca’s personality and mode of delivery made a whole world of difference to her experience on this course.

Suicide, an important topic covered in the Mental Health First Aid Course, was a sensitive subject for Lucy. Throughout the live sessions, Lucy found that certain issues would arise and impact her because of her diagnosis of anxiety, depression, and OCD. However, she quickly found that Rebecca’s constant reminder to delegates to check in with themselves and how they were feeling was incredibly reassuring.

For Lucy, this course not only provided an opportunity for professional development, but she also experienced a profound sense of personal development throughout. She knew that in order to help others, she had to first lay those foundations down with herself.

Despite a few challenging moments, Lucy credits Rebecca with her support both during and after the course. Rebecca, she says, was always concerned about the course participants’ wellbeing and reassured them that she was always available if they needed further support.

Alongside this, Lucy found that this course was not just invaluable in helping her to build her confidence around supporting herself and others, but the course also behaved as a catalyst for initiating important wellbeing initiatives at work, enabling the company to provide invaluable resources and support to their employees – allowing their employees to see that they really do care, they really do understand, and here is how they can help.

At Siendo, we are so proud to have Lucy as one of our valued Mental Health First Aiders.

Lucy is so passionate about the benefits of this course and – now she is armed with a plethora of tools – it’s incredible to hear that Lucy feels more prepared to deal with any situation that arises.

If you’re interested in learning the skills that will help you to help others, check out our Mental Health First Aid courses and learn something today so that you can support someone you care about tomorrow.