Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or burned out?

So many of us live in a constant state of stress, with never-ending to-do lists reminding us of tasks left unchecked.

Here’s a question for you:

When was the last time you took time out for you? Time to sit quietly, or move; to let your mind and body just be?

At Siendo, we offer zen yoga and yoga nidra courses through Zoom and in-person, where social distancing is appropriate.

Click below to book any one of our yoga sessions directly.

You’ll never regret taking time out to relax.

Siendo means being, not doing.

We’re big fans of incorporating gentle wellbeing practices into daily life that encourage stillness and restoration from within.

We think you will be too once you try it.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique where you learn to relax consciously.

Although you lay down, you do not sleep.

The aim is to reach the state between consciousness and sleep, although, you remain in conscious control at all times.

In a Yoga Nidra session you explore your sense of awareness – in a state of what is referred to as dynamic sleep – by consciously moving through visualisation and other relaxation techniques while your body stays still and comfortable (grab a blanket!)

This practice has been used in India for more than 6000 years for many purposes, including (but not limited to):

  • to enter deep relaxation
  • for stress management
  • to enhance the learning process in education
  • to restore and revitalise the body
  • to awaken inner potential
  • as a deep meditative technique

It’s a state that can only be fully appreciated through experience – so book your first session for just £5 today.

Yoga Nidra preparation

You don’t need any special equipment for Yoga Nidra – just somewhere comfortable and quiet to lay down where you won’t be disturbed.

If you have had a busy day it can help to wind down first with some gentle stretching and breathing exercises, so I’ve put together the videos below to guide you.

Breathing Techniques – Preparing for Yoga Nidra
Gentle Stretches – Preparing for Yoga Nidra


Rebecca is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). Please see Rebecca’s RYT profile for sight of her credentials.

Rebecca Reed completed her 200HR intensive Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Zenways in 2020. These courses are accredited by the world-wide standards body Yoga Alliance, and the Independent Yoga Network.

The Zenways teacher training is uniquely rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Rebecca trained with Julian Daizan Skinner, who was the first Englishman to go to Japan and become a Roshi / Zen Master in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen.

Rebecca has also completed her 50HR Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (YNTT) with Arhanta Yoga Ashrams and she is certified to teach Yoga Nidra worldwide.

Classes coming soon

Zen Yoga Classes

Are you local to Oxfordshire? If so, get in touch and come and experience ‘Zen Hatha Yoga with Rebecca’.

Rather than fixed, fast sequences that confuse our body and mind, Zen Hatha Yoga is about exploring what our body needs in that moment.

Within our classes, we build upon the art of conscious living by bringing our full awareness to any tightness and tension felt throughout the body.

We learn to listen to what our bodies are communicating and with gentle, considerate movements, we are able to bring a sense of relaxation and ease to our daily movements.

We work to improve our physical health and wellbeing on multiple levels, including improving our physical alignment, cleansing the flow of energy throughout the body, and inviting mindful movement into our everyday living.

*During COVID-19, class sizes will be restricted and we will be abiding by the current government safety guidelines.