Give the gift of wellbeing

Is there someone in your life who always puts others first?

Someone who tells you they “don’t have time” for self-care?

Someone who says that they’ll stop and take a break, but they “just need to finish something first”?

Why not give them the gift of no more excuses?

The gift of non-negotiable time, pre-booked each week, to look after themselves.
To reset.

The gift of someone who cares; gently holding them accountable in the same way they continuously look out for others.

Siendo Gift Cards – Give the Gift of Calm

Give the gift of calm

It could be a parent, a sibling, a colleague, or a friend.

Nobody is immune to burning the candle at both ends, especially today.

Anybody can benefit from taking some time out to breathe and balance their mind.

Gift Cards for Siendo Wellbeing Services

We currently offer gift cards for two of our most popular wellbeing services:
online Yoga Nidra and online Meditation sessions.

Purchase a gift card today and send this either directly via email, or print out to wrap up and pop into a card.

Further instructions (for you and the recipient) are enclosed within the gift card pages below.

Support Small Businesses

We are proud to be a small business with a goal of creating happier and healthier communities – at work and at home – in Oxfordshire and beyond.

When you buy a gift card for our services it means the world to us and enables us to keep delivering work that is so critically important, now more than ever.

Thank you!