Personal development coaching will uncover deep-rooted behaviours, challenge long-held assumptions, and plant the seeds for you to grow into the person you want to be.

Rebecca REED, Development coach at Siendo

Do you need help…

  • understanding your mindset and the root of your anxiety, self-doubt, or lack of confidence?

  • changing that voice in your head that keeps your stuck in repeated negative thought patterns?

  • working with your body and breath to override the feelings of anxiety or doubt in the moment?

  • improving your sense of self-confidence so you can face the world, no matter what it throws at you?

  • learning how to gain control over your thoughts and stop them controlling you?

  • exploring future goals and mapping your next steps in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, coaching might be for you! Read on to find out more.

What kind of personal development coaching does Siendo offer?

There are many varieties of coaching available today, each tailored to a particular type of personal goal or audience.

At Siendo, Rebecca combines her coaching experience with her meditation and yoga teaching experience, as well as her years as a mental health professional.

These pillars form a specialism called mindfulness coaching, which helps to recalibrate the mind-body connection and can help address many common challenges – from lack of focus and direction, to imposter syndrome and many more.

Due to this focus, mindfulness coaching can also be used as a supplementary support alongside counselling or therapy.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

No two coaching clients will ever be the same and that is why every coaching program is tailored to the individual.

Sometimes new clients begin with a very clear idea of what they want to work on, others approach coaching knowing only that they are a bit lost and need a guide. Often clients realise part way through coaching that what they thought was the problem is not the actual root, and the session focus shifts to explore that more deeply.


A typical 1:1 might include discussion around common themes and behaviours you’ve noticed in yourself, or deeper exploration of topics that Rebecca’s noticed you talk about in a certain way that you may not even have realised.

It might include practical exercises like visualisations, whiteboarding and mapping out the bigger picture. These might also be set as actions for after the session to make the most of the time available.

Unique to Siendo’s coaching program is access to Rebecca’s meditation recordings that have been found to work brilliantly alongside the 1:1 sessions.

Meditation has many benefits, including emotional self-regulation, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving our general sense of calm and wellbeing. Perfect for supporting those aiming for ambitious goals in their personal and professional lives alike!

Invest in a personal development coaching program with Siendo today and give yourself the gift of positive change.

Course benefits:

  • 8 x coaching sessions (1 hour) – ideally once a week in order to keep the momentum, but can be tailored to suit your schedule

  • A recording of a confidence meditation that you can listen to whenever you’re feeling anxious or experiencing self-doubt

  • A recording of a deep relaxation meditation (incredibly helpful if you’re unable to sleep)

  • Access to a shared coaching dashboard, where I will update your progress, log key takeaways from our conversation & resources

  • Email contact between sessions Monday-Friday (10am-4pm).


8 sessions = £1000 + VAT

What do other coaching clients say?

Personal development coaching client Alex O'Neill

Alex O’Neill has been a returning coaching client for four years, he uses coaching to support in preparation for key milestones in his professional career.

Read his story here.

Thinking personal development coaching might be for you?

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